Bear World Coming to the Dells?

Dells Advice on December 5th

The slow down in the real estate market has brought an interesting proposal to Wisconsin Dells.  The developer of a subdivision wants to convert his development into a wildlife park.  In 2005, construction began on Deerwood Glen, a 58 lot residential subdivision off Hwy 16, just east of downtown Wisconsin Dells.  The subdivision is beautiful with many of the lots fully wooded.  Unfortunately sales have been slow, and 53 of the lots remain unsold.  The developer of the subdivision recently appeared in front of the Wisconsin Dells Plan Commission to discuss the idea of converting the subdivision into a bear themed wildlife park, tentatively named Bear World.  The Dells bear park would be run by a company that also operates the Yellowstone Bear World, located in Idaho. 

The Yellowstone Bear World looks to be a nice family attraction, that would fit in well in the Dells.  It features a drive-through wildlife park where visitors drive their vehicles along a road and are able to view free roaming wildlife.  Animals at the Idaho location include Rocky Mountain Elk, Bison, Mountain Goats, Mule Deer, White-Tailed Deer, Moose, American Black Bears, Grizzly Bears and Gray Wolves.  In addition to the drive-through wildlife park, they also have kids rides, a petting zoo and a gift shop.  

In order to make the change from a residential subdivision to the bear world, a rezoning of the property will be required.  The City officials on the Plan Commission actually seem to support the change, but stressed that the owners of the 5 lots in the subdivision would need to be in agreement before the project could proceed.

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