Future of Tommy Bartlett Show in Jeopardy?

Dells Advice on January 20th

An article that appeared recently in the Capital Times suggests that if Tommy Bartlett, Inc., operators of the Tommy Bartlett show, doesn’t receive a disputed $1.5 million insurance settlement that the future of the show could be in jeopardy.  The article, which appeared in last weeks paper, discusses a special business casualty insurance policy that was issued by General Casualty Insurance based in Sun Prairie.  The insurance policy was to pay Tommy Bartlett, Inc. up to $1.5 million in the event of catastrophic damage that interrupted the Tommy Barlett show.  The popular water ski show was cancelled for the 2008 season after Lake Delton drained in the aftermath of the heavy rain storms in June. 

The claim for payment was denied by General Casualty due to an exclusion written into the policy that did not cover damages caused by flooding or earth movement.  Tommy Bartlett, Inc.’s attorneys argue that “General Casualty willfully and wrongfully refused to provide coverage for Tommy Bartlett Inc.’s losses arising from that June 9, 2008 event”, according to the article.

One particular quote from Tommy Bartlett, Inc. attorney John Walsh that really stood out was “The goal here is to keep the Tommy Bartlett Water Ski Show alive and without this that is going to be very difficult to do”.  It is impossible to tell if this is being said to attract additional attention to this issue, or if the Dells landmark is really at risk of closing.  It is also unknown if a flood insurance policy would have even been available to Tommy Bartlett Inc. to purchase, or if a claim under such a policy would have even been payable.

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