Wisconsin Dells City Pass – Dead in 2010

Dells Advice on June 10th

R.I.P. Wisconsin Dells City Pass.

The all-in-one Dells attraction pass that was introduced just 2 years ago is no longer.  The Dells City Pass debuted in 2008 with 9 attractions for $79.  In 2009, the participating attractions increased to 12, and the price went up to $99.

Although the concept of an all-in-one pass was good, it didn’t catch on with enough visitors to the Dells.  The biggest reason was most likely the price.  $400 for a typical family of four is a lot of money to shell out in a weak economy.  The Dells City Pass most likely didn’t appeal to visitors staying at any of the Dells mega resorts since there are so many activities already included in the room price.  The appeal was also limited for visitors who stay in one of the many Dells motels that include Mt. Olympus passes with their rooms.

Another problem with the Dells City Pass was the number of attractions that were offered.  Sometimes “Less is More”.  With 12 attractions and only 3 days to use the pass, some people may have thought that they were being stretched too thin, or were paying for admissions that they never were going to use.  Not all of the attractions appealed to all visitors too.  Families with kids might not be interested in golf, comedy club admission, and a haunted house.  Visitors without kids may not have been interested in a train ride or admission to the deer park.

If you’re visiting the Dells in 2010 and wanted to buy the Wisconsin Dells City Pass, there is a good alternative.  The Dells Passport to Savings offers several attractions at a reduced price.  The difference in the Passport to Savings program is that it is ala carte – you only pay for the attractions that you’re going to use.  Participating attractions include the Tommy Bartlett Show, The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory, Upper Dells Boat Tours, Jet Boat Adventure Tours, Original Wisconsin Ducks, Adare Go Carts, Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf, Wizard Quest, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, Dells 4D Special FX Theatre, Timber Falls Adventure Park & Knuckleheads, Noah’s Ark, Kalahari Indoor Theme Park & Circus World.  The savings increases with the number of attractions you purchase tickets too.  You can save up to 35% if you buy tickets to 6 attractions.

It would be nice to see the Wisconsin Dells City Pass return in future years.  A program overhaul would be in order.  The pick and choose method of the Passport to Savings program seems to be the way to go.

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2 Responses to “Wisconsin Dells City Pass – Dead in 2010”

  1. To be honest, my husband & I have used both the citypass AND passport to savings. I truly liked the citypass better. The Army Ducks company (ducks, Mark Twain, & Wild Thing)far exceeds the other company. I’m disappointed to hear that the citypass has gone away. If it does come back I would love to know!!

  2. I have been to the dells the past two years in a row. I purchased the city pass both times. I got a good amount of use out of it that’s for sure. I’m really sad to see it go 🙁

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