New for 2008 is the Wisconsin Dells City Pass, which allows buyers of the pass access to 9 different attractions over a 3 day period for $70.  Is it worth it?  It depends on what your plans for your trip to the Dells are, but I think it is a great deal.  Once you activate your pass, you have 3 days to visit the following attractions:

  • 3 days at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park ($120 value)
  • 1 ticket to the Rick Wilcox Magic Show ($29 value)
  • 1 ride on the Dells Army Ducks ($21 value)
  • 3 days of golf at Shipwreck Lagoon ($24 value)
  • 1 ride on the Mark Twain Upper Dells Boats ($21 value)
  • 1 admission to Top Secret ($12 value)
  • 1 ride on the Wild Thing Jet Boats ($21 value)
  • 1 admission to the Wisconsin Deer Park ($10 value)
  • 1 greens fees at Christmas Mountain Golf ($55 value)

The total value is $313, for $70.  Not bad.  There are a couple of restrictions.  First, the tickets to the Rick Wilcox magic show are limited to 50 per show available starting at 6:00 PM.  I can see this being a popular attraction and having trouble getting tickets during some of the busy nights during the summer.  You can upgrade your ticket for $18.86 (why not $19??) and avoid having to sit in the City Pass cheap seats.  The other restriction is at Christmas Mountain, where tee times are only available after 11:00 and you must rent a cart. 

With the amount of competition in the Dells, businesses need to think of unique ways to get people to come and spend their money with them.  This is a great way to get new customers.  By buying the City Pass, I would get a chance to try some of the things that I probably wouldn’t otherwise do – like Top Secret or the Mark Twain Boat Ride.  If you were going to be doing some of these activities anyways, like the Ducks or Mt. Olympus, why not spend a little extra money and get access to even more Dells attractions.  It will be interesting to see how this program is received this year.  I predict it will be a huge success, and you’ll see competing programs in the future.

Check out the Wisconsin Dells City Pass website for more information.


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