Wisconsin Dells City Pass Updated for 2009

Dells Advice on February 5th

The popular Wisconsin Dells City Pass, which debuted last year, is back again for 2009 with a couple of changes to the program.  The 2009 pass features 12 different Dells attractions (up from 9 in 2008).  The price has increased from $79 to $99, although passes for senior citizens aged 65 and older and children 42″ or less are reduced to $89.  There have also been some changes to the participating attractions this year.  The Rick Wilcox Magic show is no longer participating, and there are four new participants.  The list of participating attractions is as follows:

  • Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park
  • Riverside & Great Northern Railway (new for 2009)
  • Dells Army Ducks
  • Christmas Mountain Golf
  • Dells Comedy Club (new for 2009)
  • Wisconsin Deer Park
  • Mark Twain Boat Tours
  • Chalet Lanes Bowling (new for 2009)
  • Shipwreck Lagoon Mini Golf
  • Top Secret
  • Wild Thing Jet Boats
  • Castle of Terror & Haunted Crypt (new for 2009)

Although the $99 price tag might seem high, it can be an incredible value if you take advantage of all of the offerings.  The pass won’t be available for use until May 23rd, however it can be purchased anytime on the Dells City Pass website.  I will certainly have more to say about the City Pass as the summer tourist season comes closer.

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9 Responses to “Wisconsin Dells City Pass Updated for 2009”

  1. Is there a smaller dells city pass that you offer for people that may not want to do everything that i offered on the one that is listed for the 2009 season.

  2. Thanks for your comment Alicia! They are only offering one Wisconsin Dells City Pass option, which includes everything I have listed above. The City Pass offers tremendous value, even if you don’t use it for all of the attractions.

  3. Oh, the Rick Wilcox show was the best thing on there next to Mt. Olympus…too bad it is not on there this year. The Dells Comedy Club is a nice addition and a lot of fun!

  4. I just found on another site, an opportunity to get 7 attractions for $79, or all 12 for $99. On this site, you are not giving me the smaller option. Which way is it? Thanks

  5. Julie, you are right. The Wisconsin Dells City Pass program has been revised to offer 7 attractions for $79 in addition to the 12 for $99 option. I will be writing about this in a future post.

  6. How about for 2010? can you still buy passes? any information on the 2010 passes?

  7. yes i received the 2009 wisconsin dells cataloge and saw that they had the passes but this year i am planning a big family vacation there and i was just wondering if you know anything about city passess for this year i tried going on the website but it seems to not work :[ so where can i get them if they still have themm..

  8. How do I order the 2010 Wisconsin Dells Passes? We are going to be there on July 23, 2010 and would like to get our family the passes.

  9. Help…we need City Passes for July 23rd through 26th!

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