Best Restaurant in the Dells – Monk’s

Dells Advice on September 11th

Anyone who has visited Wisconsin Dells knows that there is no shortage of dining options.  One of my favorite places to go, even since I was a kid, was Monk’s Bar downtown.  We have all been to cool restaurants, but the food needs to be good in order to want to come back.  Monk’s food is excellent.  In December of 2006, Monk’s opened a new restaurant along Highway 12 on the southwest corner of the Wilderness property.  The new restaurant is great place for families.  It is a very comfortable, with plenty of TV’s and sports theming throughout.  We have been to the new Monk’s on every visit to the Dells since it opened, and it has quickly become my family’s favorite Dells restaurant.   I really can’t speak for anything on the menu except for the burgers, which are awesome.  They offer you a choice of fries or their fresh made potato chips.  You can’t go wrong with either.  The kids meals come served on a frisbee that you can take home.  We’re rapidly accumulating plenty of Monk’s frisbees in our garage!  Just a word of warning – I am not the only one who loves Monk’s.  They get quite crowded at dinner time and on the weekends.  We have had the most luck stopping in for a late lunch or early dinner.


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2 Responses to “Best Restaurant in the Dells – Monk’s”

  1. I love Monk’s in the Dells! The food is really, really good. I especially love their burgers. I would suggest looking into the Wisconsin Dells Fun Card, because in the past they have had some great deals. Monk’s is well worth the money, but if you can use a coupon, it’s even better.

    We also like eating there because it is so close to the Wilderness waterpark (where we usually stay at in the Dells).

  2. Monk’s rocks!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite is the BBQ Chicken Pizza. Last time I wuz there we went for Happy Hour – the Monkey Fries and Nachos were damn good (and 1/2 price)!

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