Chula Vista will be expanding their real estate ownership options by offering fractional ownership of new condominiums to be built as early as this summer.  The new units will be sold in two week increments, starting at $30,000, according to Jim Anacher from Cold Water Realty, the broker handling sales.  At this point, no ground breaking date has been set.  The expansion is in the planning stage, with site layout and engineering being worked out.  Unit floorplans and building layouts haven’t been finalized yet, however they plan on offering 2 and 3 bedroom units.  The buildings would be constructed in the area of the Golf Villa condominiums, adjacent to Cold Water Canyon golf course.  The initial phase would start with one 28 unit building, to be followed up with additional phases in the future.  Jim told me that if all necessary approvals were granted and financing secured, that construction could begin this year. 

Owners of the new condominiums will have the option to use their units in three different ways.  First, they can vacation during their specified weeks at Chula Vista in Wisconsin Dells.  They can also participate in Chula Vista’s rental program to rent their unit to other Chula Vista guests, and receive income.  Chula Vista will also be partnering with a timeshare exchange company, like RCI, to allow owners to exchange their weeks for weeks at other properties.

Offering ownership starting at $30,000 is a smart business move for Chula Vista.  Their beautiful condo units along the Wisconsin River have been very popular with buyers.  However, most visitors to the Dells don’t have $500,000 to spend on a vacation property.  Offering these new units at a much lower cost will appeal to a different market than those who are buying the more expensive units. 

This expansion would be the latest of several made by Chula Vista in the past few years.  Recent additions to the resort have included the construction of over 200 condominium units, the addition of an 80,000 square foot indoor water park, remodeling and improvements to its dining and banquet facilities, and updates to the Cold Water Canyon golf course.

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