Dells Timeshare Troubles

Dells Advice on November 26th

A timeshare operator with units in the Wisconsin Dells announced yesterday that they would be laying off much of their local staff.  Bluegreen Corp., which operates the Bluegreen Odyssey Dells and Christmas Mountain Village said that they would close their sales office at the Bluegreen Odyssey Dells (which is located within the Hotel Rome at Mt. Olympus), and substantially reduce the sales force at the Christmas Mountain Village resort. 

Last week, I posted about a deal where you can get 2 nights at the Copa Cabana Resort, or Quality Inn Antiqua Bay Resort, plus 2 passes to the Wilderness Water Park or a $50 Gift Certificate to a “popular restaurant” for $89 if you agree to sit through a timeshare presentation by Bluegreen.  As of right now, that offer is still available.  Obviously it won’t be lasting much longer if the sales offices are going to be closing.

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