Hotel Guest Murdered at Antiqua Bay?

Dells Advice on August 29th

“It is truly a tragedy, we need all the help we can get,” said Derek Smeed, General Manager. “Nothing like this has ever happened before and we are all deeply affected by this terrible crime.”

At a press conference, Chief Detective Joe Simmons responded to employee and guest concerns, “We are doing everything we can, but our department is overworked and this may cause a delay in our catching the killer.

I receive the email updates, and received an email today regarding a murder at the Dells Antiqua Bay (formally the Howard Johnson).  Upon reading the email, it is apparent that this is some sort of murder mystery promotion for guests to participate in.  I just don’t think that promoting a fake murder at your hotel is good marketing.  If you want to engage guests in some sort of mystery, there are so many other better options.  How about a missing treasure?  Or help find a pirate that has been spotted lurking around the resort.  No, somehow they thought that pretending that a hotel guest was tragically murdered at the resort was a better idea.


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