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Dells Advice on August 19th

During our visit to the Polynesian earlier this summer, I noticed a sign announcing the “New Dells Polynesian Condos”.  I was very intrigued, so I stopped into the sales office to learn more.  The plan is to convert the entire hotel into a condo resort.  Rooms (condos) will be available for rental from owners with the Polynesian folks handling the reservations, maid service, etc.  The price of the condos starts at $125,000 for a 340 sq. foot unit.  In addition, monthly condo fees of $375 would be assessed.  As a part of the conversion from hotel to condo property, all of the rooms will be remodeled with an addition to one of the indoor water parks, and a complete remodel of the current lobby area.  They are also planning to add a sit down restaurant and a convention center.  Unfortunatly, it was hard to tell what the resort will look like since there were no renderings of the renovated resort.   

With all of the different condo options available in the Dells, my initial reaction is that I would have a hard time tying myself down to the Polynesian.  When comparing the different condo properties, I would say that the Polynesian would not be near the top of my list of where I would want to own.  I like to visit, but I can’t see myself paying $125k plus the high condo fees.  Maybe my opinion will change once construction is complete and I can see what the new resort looks like.


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2 Responses to “New Polynesian Condos”

  1. The Polynesian Resort Conversion is very exciting for the Dells, especially since it is not one of the “Big Boxes” like Wilderness, Kalhari, Chula, or Great Wolf. The focus of this resort is the families that have young children. Instead of huge wave pools and mamouth slides, the resort offers the safety of zero depth pools and amenities for toddlers.

    Since numbers are all that matters to the investor, the Polynesian competes quite well. The only comparison would be the Chula Vista Golf Condos and with a HUGE price tag of $169,900. Chula Vista being one of the “BIG BOX” properties, I was surprised to discover that with all the amenities that the Chula Golf Villa’s offer, that occupancy at annual rate was about 43% with a average daily rate of $127. Now, the Polynesian the hotel may currently be abit dated and need renovation, but as a dated hotel the Occupancy rate is 38%, and the average daily rate, is $125. I can only imagine how the numbers will change with the renovations, and addition of the Convention Center.

    So, as a dated hotel, the Polynesian is not doing to bad, especially when you compare the what Chula has to offer with indoor amenities, dome, etc., compared to Pirates of the Carribean……….. Polynesian Rocks!

    Its about time that the smaller investor have properties that they can purchase in the Wisconsin Dells, and the Polynesian is that property.

  2. You make some good points about the Polynesian, and what it offers compared to some of the other Dells resorts. I would be more excited about the conversion to a condo resort if I could see what the resort will look like after construction is complete. The Polynesian Condo website has renderings of the new rooms, but nothing showing the rest of the property. When I spoke with the sales agent back in June, she had some blueprints to show me, but she couldn’t really explain clearly what was changing. She also mentioned to me that they reserved the right not to go ahead with construction unless they had a certain number of reservations. That made me question their commitment to the resort overhaul.

    Don’t get me wrong – I like the Polynesian and have stayed there the past couple summers. I’ll still go in the future. I would love to see the resort refreshed with better dining options and a new indoor water park. I might be more inclined to buy once I see progress being made on the renovations.

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