Lake Delton – One Year Later

Dells Advice on June 9th

It was one year ago today that the landscape of Lake Delton was forever changed.  The lake emptied on June 9, 2008, after heavy rains and flooding caused Highway A to breach, sending the contents of the lake, and several lakeside homes into the Wisconsin River. 

Almost immediately, plans were made to reconstruct Highway A, and restore the isthmus between the lake and the river.  Highway A reopened less than 6 months later, and Lake Delton was completely refilled several weeks ago. 

Lake Delton is back, and area business owners are anxious to see what the summer tourist season brings this year.  It is unknown whether the current economic situation will keep tourists home this summer, or actually bring them to the Dells in lieu of a more pricey alternative.

Although Lake Delton is new and improved, many lives have been changed forever by the events of June 9, 2008.  Most notably, would be the families who lost their homes that day.  Also affected were many of the area hotels, restaurants, and other businesses who depend on the lake for their livelihood. 

Here are a couple of videos of the events of that unfortunate day.

Some interesting aerial footage of the damage.


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  1. I am looking forward seeing the Lake again this summer. We’re staying at Sunset Bay on Lake Delton in July. It is amazing how quickly Lake Delton became nothing, and just as amazing how quickly they restored it.

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