Refilling of Lake Delton on Schedule

Dells Advice on February 26th

img_3271_1The refilling of Lake Delton is on schedule according to Village of Lake Delton officials, and it should be completely filled by May, in time for Wisconsin Dells summer tourist season.  Lake Delton emptied on June 9, 2008, after heavy rains and flooding caused Highway A to breach, sending the contents of the lake into the Wisconsin River.  The reconstruction of Highway A was completed late last year, and the highway reopened in December.  The dam controlling flow into the Wisconsin River was modified to avoid a repeat of the disaster. 

Lake Delton Village Clerk, Kay Mackesey told me that the dam gates are currently open 10″, and will be closed once the Department of Natural Resources has certified the dam.  Once the gates have been closed, they expect the lake to rise another 6 feet or so to its normal elevation.  The actual date that the lake is back to normal will depend on weather conditions.  Lake Delton is fed by Mirror Lake though Dell Creek.  The timing of the snow melting and spring rains will determine when the lake is back to its normal water level.  Kay thought it would be sometime between May 1st and Memorial Day, however it could be sooner. 

To help illustrate the progress of the refilling of Lake Delton, the Village will be putting an informational sign along Wisconsin Dells Parkway to show the current level of the lake in relation to the normal water level.


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